Mystic curiosity sourced and presented in the form of "art". Originally inspired by Native American culture, 70's crafting, and pagan traditions. The newest lines are grounded in inspiration from 80's geometric jewelry design and Italian + Mexican architecture of the 70's.

With a sincere and studied interest in botany and the power of herbs, a new line of apothecary and candles has emerged with S+ G.  Our world today is a fast paced, globalized, social media driven world. Within the madness we must find time for gratitude and self care. After living in a cabin in Colorado and the gratitude pouring in on a daily basis from the surroundings of the Rocky Mountains, owner and maker ,Annie, knew after leaving it would be hard to maintain that level of gratitude. This new line is inspired by that practice and a personal reminder to always find the grace and take a moment for yourself.  Practicing gratitude is proven to increase happiness. Taking a a few moments everyday to recite a mantra, take a hot steamy bath, or burn a scented candle with intention is a simple gesture for ourselves and even those around us.  

Sun and Glory is designed by Annie Rocchio, a wardrobe stylist and nomadic explorer. With a degree in costume + fashion and 13 years of experience as a stylist in the entertainment industry, Annie's jewelry design is a personal expression of past, present, and future adornment. As a child growing up in Indiana, she was often found playing outside in the woods concocting potions from mud and leaves. With a deep respect and love for natural and native american remedies through herbs and the earth, Annie has taken classes, experimented, and studied botany for herbal healing and cooking.   Having spent 10 years in LA, a cabin in Colorado, Sun + Glory is now thriving in Brooklyn, NY........ with Wylie dog of course!