i am calm

i am calm


we live in a busy world full of stress built up from responsibilities and our fast paced digital world. the art of perfection is all to real and we often neglect to take even just a moment to tell ourselves to slow down and just listen to our breath.  this intentional practice meant as a daily affirmation, or as needed, comes in a bottle! this scent is earthy and strong meant to awaken our breathe and slow down our minds. lavender is our best friend for everything. hyssop and tagetes are good for circulation and the nervous system. german chamomile gives this spray it's blue color while promoting calmness. frankincense, sandalwood, and rose round out the scent and journey to relaxation. 

"i am calm...i feel my chest rise and fall as i slowly inhale...and exhale. i am conscious of the harmony that surrounds me and invoke stillness in my body + mind."

to be calm is to be one with all. recite this mantra or your own as needed while misting your body and spirit. inhale and exhale 3 times. shake well before use. 

2 oz.      made in BK / NY     VEGAN

ingredients: distilled water, vodka, chamomile floral water,  lavender*, rose*, hyssop*, tagetes*, sandalwood*, frankincense*, german chamomile*,glycerin

*essential oil


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