i am grateful

i am grateful


all to often the negative can take over the positive thoughts and affirmations in our mind. it is scientifically proven that gratitude leads to happiness.  this spray, influenced by the amount of gratitude owner and designer of s+g captured while living in a cabin in CO, is meant to help one capture their gratitude on a daily basis.  this intentional practice is meant to inspire you to slow down even for just a moment and recite what it is you are grateful for! it really works, but it must be a  practice! the pleasant and intoxicating scent of earthy florals will uplift and inspire.

"i am grateful...for my breathe, my beating heart. for the love i receive, for the love i give. for my connection to this earthly world. i am grateful, i am grace, i am compassion."

to be grateful is to be free. recite this mantra on your own every morning while misting your body and spirit. inhale and exhale 3 times. shake well before use. 

2 oz.    made in BK /NY    VEGAN

ingredients: distilled water, vodka, neroli floral water, neroli*, palmarosa*, rose*, jasmine absolute*, sandalwood*, tuberose absolute*, glycerin

*essential oil

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