i am strong

i am strong


self sabotage has a real impact. it is a battle to overcome our deepest fears and deflect from our true worth. daily affirmations can be a powerful enlightenment into our true selves, but it is a practice no matter how you try to get there be it yoga, exercise, reading, meditation, creating or using a spray for just a few moments a day. the scent of this spray is a combo of essential oils derived from strong and hearty plants and wood. invoking the essence of what it is to be strong with woodsy and earthy aromas grounding us in our true worth. 

"today was exceptional....i am a divine creation open to the unlimited abundance that surrounds me. my strength comes from within and i am thankful for each and every moment."

at beginning or day's end, mist your body and spirit reciting the mantra or your own giving thanks and acknowledgement to your power and being that gives you strength. shake well before use.

2 oz.    made in BK / NY    VEGAN

ingredients: distilled water, vodka, helichrysum floral water, copaiba balsam*, cedar wood*, rosemary*, black spruce*, australian sandalwood*,glycerin

*essential oil

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