colorado candle

colorado candle

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rocky mountain juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) is the star of this candle. growing throughout the rockies, it's branches almost hang like a weeping willow.  first nations would boil the boughs and use as an air freshner. the scent is crisp and clean with minor citrus overtones. oil used in this candle comes from a small family run distillery that harvests in the rockies.

  • -clean burning 100% vegetable soy wax candle
  • -cotton + paper eco wick without lead or zinc
  • -high quality fragrance oil + essential oil blend

scents are a time, a place, a memory. this line of candles is inspired by aromas and flora that grow in regions of the US and around the globe. we are hoping to induce a little bit of time traveling!

made in brooklyn, ny

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