morocco candle

morocco candle

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traveling in morocco, one is filled with strong aromas and a sea of colors. neroli oil (Citrus aurantium) comes from the flowers of the bitter orange trees. the smells is sweet, honeyed, with citrus notes and is known for uplifting the spirits. named for the Princess Anna Maria de La Tremoille of Nerola, Italy- the trees today are often commercially grown in Morocco and used in many areas of perfumery. we choose neroli to represent Morocco for the scent is a strong reminder of a riad in Marrakesh that offered beauty products using this beautiful intense scent. sometimes you just can't get those memories out of your head.

  • -clean burning 100% vegetable soy wax candle
  • -cotton + paper eco wick without lead or zinc
  • -high quality 100% essential oil

scents are a time, a place, a memory. this line of candles is inspired by aromas and flora that grow in regions of the US and around the globe. we are hoping to induce a little bit of time traveling!

made in brooklyn, ny

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